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Fuschias for the future


Here’s another lovely value-for-money plant. It brings you weeks of beautiful colour with very little effort. It gets bigger and bigger each year and it’s arching stems and leaf colour variety are wonderful.

We bought a Fuschia ‘Riccartonii’ about 5 years ago and planted it in the corner of the raised bed never realising what a marvellously giving plant it is. Every February we completely ground it and it really looks like it will never recover especially if we then get a heavy snowfall. It seems so dangerous and cruel. But without fail in a few weeks little red shoots start sprouting from the base of the plant and before we know it the wonderful arching stems are thrusting their way upwards and outwards and we are now looking forward to weeks of beautiful little vibrantly coloured flowers, which will go on until October.

It’s a plant that’s worth every…

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