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Bio-Sil South Africa

The Health Benefits of Alkalizing Mineral Salts

Creating Natural Balance with ALKALZING  Mineral Salts!
Himalayan Crystal Salt is available from BIO-SIL
( or via e-mail: before the modern drugs were formulated, salt was already used by many homes to combat certain symptoms. ALKALZING  mineral salts from the Himalayas, Dead Sea, Redmond, Utah and the Great Salt Lake provides beneficial all natural, free-harsh chemical remedies for different body conditions.Sole (so-lay), which is the mixture of crystal salt and water is the called the soup of life. The German word sole came from the Latin word sol, which means the sun. So the brine solution is the fluid state of the sun or light energy. In this combination, balance is being achieved since the positive ions of the water surround the negative ions of the water and the negative ions surround the positive ions of the water. This causes the…

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