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L is for Life is just a bowl of Cherries and sometimes it’s the Pits

Originally posted on Alphabet Story:
A bowl of cherries with colors desaturated except for red. Camera was set to “Cloud lighting” and “Accent color”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Life used to be easier when my  bowl was heaping with good health and agility.  Lately, I feel that some of that old vitality has left, leaving just…

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Thought for Today

Originally posted on shakeofftheblahs:
Health and Fitness are certainly talked and written about ad nauseam. That is not to say we as a people don’t need to develop better health habits. We have become too busy to sit down and enjoy meals and down time. Many of us cringe at the idea of exercise while…

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Salt of the Earth

Originally posted on Bio-Sil South Africa:
The Health Benefits of Alkalizing Mineral Salts Creating Natural Balance with ALKALZING  Mineral Salts! Himalayan Crystal Salt is available from BIO-SIL ( or via e-mail: before the modern drugs were formulated, salt was already used by many homes to combat certain symptoms. ALKALZING  mineral salts from the Himalayas,…

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Alcohol Hiding in Major Soda Brands Including Coke and Pepsi

Originally posted on The American Resolution Newsblog:
Lisa Gerber NaturalSociety July 3, 2012 Every can of Coke contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar—an inflammatory, an energy sapper, and a leading cause of tooth decay—but it’s the 10mg of alcohol in every liter that might concern consumers the most. A new report reveals that many leading soda brands…

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place…

Originally posted on yangarella:
…there is always Hope:)

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Cat Ladies Beware!

Originally posted on Lost in the 21st Century:
A parasite carried by cats could increase the suicide risk in women… Slightly…. As a staunch kitty advocate, I just find this interesting and somewhat amusing…. And too good not to post…. But stand by your cats! From NPR: There’s fresh evidence that cats can be a…

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